Animal inspired cakes

We love an animal cake! One of our favourite things is sculpting animal cakes – it gives us the perfect opportunity to go a bit crazy and bring creatures of all shapes and sizes to life.

As a nation we love our animals, we have fierce discussions about team cat vs team dog. Indeed 40% of us own a pet. Not just pets however, we embrace animals in films, in home decor, kids cartoons and story books.

Here are a few of our favourite animal-inspired cake designs – from dogs to giraffes and everything in between.

Dog cakes

Dogs are a mans best friend, 17% of us own a doggy. We especially loved this cute pug dog novelty cake and his toy bone.

Woodland animal cakes

These autumnal cakes are so adorable, indeed with some animals we see a little less often taking pride of place atop these wooded stumps.

Mythical creatures

These would make the perfect centrepiece for any children’s (or adult) party! The cute dino with blue spikes is simple, yet effective and the unicorn is bright and colourful – plus we love a sculpted, novelty cake!

Bunny rabbit cakes

We just love creating cute fondant figures of rabbits. The are so popular on baby themed cakes or cute 1st birthdays.

Sculpted Pets

We recreated someone’s beloved pet cat out of cake – complete the with handpainted tortoiseshell colourings. And a doggy with his favorite toy. We are happy to recreate your own pet out of cake.

Mini zoo

One of our most ambitions cakes was a mini zoo. This was a joy to make with 11 cute animals. Llamas, wallabies, monkeys, a parrot and a skunk!

In the Jungle

Jungle animals are also a popular request. Most often featuring on 1st birthday cakes and with elephants being top of the list.

Everything in between

We’re happy to make any animal cake, here’s a few others to inspire you

We’ll leave you with this cutie chap. Mr meerkat on his canal boat, because why not!

animal cake meerkat
Meerkat on canal boat

If we’ve inspired you to order an animal cake for your celebration, or you’ve got something else in mind, why not get in touch with us today.

Updated: 26/4/20 to reflect current cake designs.