red blue dinosaur birthday cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Inspiration: Animal Cakes

We love sculpting cakes and creating animal celebration cakes gives us the perfect opportunity to go a bit mad and bring creatures of all shapes and sizes to life.

Here’s a few of our favourite animal-inspired cake designs – from a shaggy dog, to cute ladybirds.

1 – Westie Dog cake

We love the almost lifelike hair on this cute dog and his pink tongue poking out adds character.

Westie dog birthday cake

2 – Panda Bears cake

There’s something very Kung-Fu Panda about this cake. The black and white bears stand out well with the green bamboo setting.

Panda bamboo birthday cake

3 – Dinosaur scultped cake

This would make the perfect centrepiece for any children’s (or adult) party! The bright pink dino with blue spikes is simple, yet effective – plus we love a sculpted, novelty cake!

Red Blue Spikes dinosaur birthday cake

4 – Peter Rabbit cake topper

We just love Peter sitting amongst the carrots in the field in this cake that we designed.  See this cake in more detail.

Peter Rabbit Cake

Peter Rabbit Cake

5 – Ladybird cake

Here’s a simple and effective ladybird cake who looks like she’s about to fly off the table. Again, we love the sculpted cake and how bright her colours are.

Ladybird birthday cake

If we’ve inspired you for your celebration, or you’ve got something else in mind, why not get in touch with us today.