Wedding cake consultation

You may have noticed that we host regular wedding cake tastings and consultations. What happens at a consultation? Why do you need one? We try and help answer some of these questions here. 

A wedding cake is a key part of any wedding big or small. It is a showpiece reflecting your personality and style which is on display throughout the day. The cutting of the cake is a photo opportunity and it will be served to all your guests.

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Why do I need a wedding cake consultation? 

All our cakes are individual and bespoke so it is important we understand your vision and the elements you want. We work closely with our couples to be able to make you a true photo-worthy cake. The best way to do this is during a private consultation, a set appointment where you are not rushed. You’ll be able to taste and check that the cake you buy has the flavours and texture that you and your guests will enjoy. Plus, you get the chance to try new flavours that you might not have thought of.

What should I do before the consultation?

Book a time that suits you. We have lots of slots available in the evenings and at weekends ad can create bespoke slots if necessary. We also suggest you eat first, if you’re hungry you’ll devour the cake samples and forget to taste and appreciate each flavour.

If you have had any inspiration from Pinterest or our wedding cake gallery, please bring these ideas with you. Of if you’re not sure where to start check out our 2020 wedding trends blog

What happens during a cake consultation? 

You arrive at our bakery and we will show you to our consultation room. We have a showcase of our cakes on display, an inspiration wall and even a selfie frame. It is a relaxed environment, just you and our cake designer Izzy

First, we talk through some basic details to get to understand you and your wedding, including: 

  • The date 
  • The venue 
  • The number of guests 
  • Your theme, style and colours 

One key part of the cake consultation is working out the size of the cake with you. Often we get couples turn up saying they want a three tier cake and have 160 guests. This wont work! (an average 3 tier cake serves around 90). We show you dummy cakes in lots of different sizes and a portion guide. This makes it easier to visualise the size of the cake you’ll need and we can advise on the number of tiers needed to serve your guests.

We then discuss what you would like your cake or cupcakes to look like. Remember we don’t like to copy cakes as we give each one our own unique touch and character, but we’re happy to take design elements from ones you may have seen online.  

We then spend time with you designing the cake including the size, number and shape of the tiers. Plus, the colours and the design details of the cake including textures such as quilting, ruffles, confetti and other fun elements such as flowers, superheroes and more! 

Will I get to sample the cakes?

You bet! This is the fun part, we bring you a selection of our favourite and most popular flavours to taste! If there’s a particular flavour you want to try, let us know in advance and we can prepare a sample for you.

Cake tasting platter example Tamworth wedding

 As we said, all our cakes are bespoke and depending on the details and design elements you choose it will alter the price. While you’re sampling our delicious cakes we leave you in peace and we go and work out the price for you.

Then what happens?

It is entireley up to you. There’s no pressure from us to book your cake there and then, we want you to be happy with your decision as it is likely to be the biggest cake you’ll ever buy. However remember we do have limited availability, so to secure your date, all we ask is for a £100 deposit and then the balance will be due 6 weeks before your wedding day. We don’t mind if you pay a little at a time or in one go.

And that’s it – simple! 

We will work with you to make your wedding cake experience a fun, relaxed and memorable one.

We charge £15 for our consultations to cover our time and costs, but this is taken off the total cost of your cake when you decide to book with us. So if you’re getting married soon and want to book on our next consultation session, click here:


We hope this put’s your mind at ease, but if you have any additional questions about our cake consultations please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.