Balloons bought online vs. Quality Cake Company Balloons

Here at Quality Cake Company, we stock a huge range of balloons from trusted suppliers including Oaktree, Unique, Qualatex and Anagram. We sell and use these brands as they provide us with not only great modern designs but high-quality balloons.

We always aim to provide the highest standards and go above and beyond for our customers. In this blog, we wanted to highlight the difference between balloons bought from our shop and balloons customers have bought online.

As part of our service offering, we occasionally inflate balloons customers have bought elsewhere*. But, we have to warn customers that these balloons may not be as high a quality as the ones we supply. So, when we inflate them, we cannot refund them if they are faulty or pop (which does happen on occasion).

Branded Latex balloons vs Own label Latex balloons

The most common request we get is for bunches of latex balloons to be inflated…below is an example of a like-for-like comparison of a bunch of 3 latex balloons for a table centrepiece.

On the left is a beautiful spray of 3 Qualatex pearl 11” latex balloons.
> Total price = £7 including, strings weight, ribbon and helium.

On the right is a spray of 3 that a customer bought in from online.
> Total price = £3.90 (excluding the cost of the balloons, as we don’t know how much the customer paid)

You can see that the ones on the right are a lot smaller (about 7”-9”). This means that a) you don’t get as much impact from your display and b) they might not last long (float time is reduced).

We estimate approx 8-10 hours from our Qualatex latex balloons (but we have known them to last longer than that!).

Quality Balloons

You may think that you are saving money by buying un-inflated ‘cheap’ balloons on the internet. But, by the time you’ve driven somewhere to get them inflated, paid for ribbons, weights and helium (which is increasing daily in price because of short supplies). It’s easier to pop into our shop and use our tried and tested products. You know what they say….buy cheap buy twice 🙂

Our balloon prices include helium, strings (lots of them) and a plastic weight. Our large number foil balloons include a fancy weight too!

We pride ourselves on providing great quality products with friendly, helpful service.

You can find out more about Balloons in our helpful FAQ guide.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.

*subject to availability and at store manager’s discretion.