How to design your perfect celebration cake

We love working with our customers to create their perfect celebration or birthday cake.

Sometimes picking a design is easy, however, sometimes choosing the perfect design can be a little overwhelming, as your recipient likes so many things. How do you choose?

Narrowing down the options

We understand why people want everything, it is a milestone birthday and they want to celebrate that person’s life achievements.

Also, we understand that most people don’t buy a handmade cake every year – they are for big milestones and special occasions – and everyone wants their money’s worth!

However, you’re not ordering a photo album, a mood board or setting up an online dating profile, we’re making you a cake. We have limited space to play with and we want it to be a beautiful showpiece to wow your guests and the birthday boy/girl.

Try and think about what their one main passion is so we can create a theme around that.

Less is more

In our experience, cakes with lots of different mismatching things look odd. We cannot create a beautiful cake when we need to put a donkey, next to a fishing rod beside a pasty. They don’t go together in real life, and they look peculiar next to each other on a cake. It ends up looking plonked and can look like not much thought has gone into the cake.

Take a look through our galleries and you will notice that the most spectacular cakes champion one theme.

Celebrate his love of football or her love of good chardonnay. Honour her dog or his love of music and let us design a single themed cake with a real wow factor…. and remember less is more!

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Single idea cakes to keep things simple and add the wow-factor

Ask the designers

You can contact us and our cake designers to discuss your cake and we can help you decide on the best route to take. We’re here to help you create that photo-worthy cake and lasting memories of that special occasion.

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash