Wedding trends

So what are the Wedding Trends for 2020?

2020 seems to be a super popular year for weddings; the number 2020 is a nice round number after all and a new decade pairs well with the exciting new chapter in couple’s lives.


Balloons are becoming more popular for wedding decorations. Organic bunches and arches, which can include different sizes and shapes, as well as mixed materials – all combine to create impact at any venue.

Large bubble balloons are also popular, these can be personalised which makes them a great photo prop and can be customised to suit any colour theme. These are so versatile and add a modern touch to your special day.

Less Traditional

Rustic charm seemed to be a real trend in weddings for 2019 – with more relaxed flowers, floaty dresses and rustic woodland décor. However, wedding trends in 2020 are learning towards bold and vibrant tropical colours, ombre and fun textures.

wedding trend 2020 pantone colour

The pantone ‘Colour of the year 2020‘ is “Classic Blue” a bold vibrant colour which can be incorporated into various aspects of your wedding, from key decorative items, bridesmaids dresses, flowers and of course the cake

Vegan Cakes

Vegetarian and Veganism are on the rise, with a lot more people are adopting this lifestyle. Quality Cake Company has cakes to suit. We make a tasty vegan chocolate cake, almost brownie-like in texture. We substitute dairy for soya milk and use vegetable spread for ‘butter’ and we can confirm it is delicious and will definitely be a hit with the whole wedding party.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes continue to evolve. The traditional white cake is far less likely to feature at today’s wedding. Couples are tending to favour more dramatic colour palettes, they are introducing their own unique style into their wedding decor and colour theme and they want a cake to match.

Ombre cakes are a great way to introduce colour without overpowering the whole cake. This is where the colour fades from a light shade to a dark shade of the same colour. We can achieve this by airbrushing an individual tier on the cake, or make the whole cake an ombre effect with a light tier at the top and a darker tier at the bottom.

Still, with a relaxed charm, brighter foliage including big botanical leaves and hot pink flowers are making their way onto table decorations and bouquets, and people are integrating these things into their wedding cake design too.

Adding fresh flowers to match your bouquet help tie the theme together and with the addition of different textures such as ruffles and frills, this helps to create a real photo-worthy showpiece.

Creating that wow-factor cake has become more affordable and is high on the list of wedding trends 2020.

Quality Cake Company work with couples to create their dream wedding cake – browse our Wedding Cake Gallery for more inspiration or contact us to book a cake tasting and consultation appointment.