Drip cakes inspiration

Drip cakes are a trend that continues to stay strong. They are a great option as a birthday or celebration cake because each one is 100% unique, it can be customised with your favourite chocolates, sweets and treats and pretty much any other items you want. Read our guide below to create your ultimate drip cake.

So let’s start at the beginning…..

  1. Pick your cake flavour

Choose from chocolate cake, a vanilla sponge, or something fancier? See more of our cake flavours.

  1. Pick your cake filling

The inside is just as important as the outside. Whichever type of cake you want, the filling is your also your choice. If you want vanilla cake with chocolate orange filling – so be it!

  1. Pick your cake covering

Drip cakes can be covered in fondant as per traditional cakes, or more often just buttercream is the preferred option.

What difference does it make?

If you want a really specific colour, something bold and bright, or if you want a pure smooth finish, you will need to opt for fondant. Buttercream is naturally more cream in colour, which also means it is much harder to colour buttercream certain colours – black for example.

Fondant covered drip cakes:

However, if you’re not keen on fondant or want textured colours, buttercream is the way forward. It looks more natural and tastes delicious. We can do stripes, mottled textured colours or keep it natural, with a smooth finish.

Buttercream drip cakes:

  1. Theme

You don’t have to have a theme in mind, but sometimes it helps to have an idea.

Do you want pretty pinks? Beautiful blue hues? Chic and elegant?

Or what about doughnut delight? sweetie bonanza? Harry Potter? Bold, blacks and golds? Kinder yummy? Musical madness?

  1. Drip

Now to think about which drip you want? Milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate? Or what about a fun colour, pinks, blues or purple?

Keep it monotone with pure white or jet black? Or make it really classy and have a painted metallic drip in silver or gold?

  1. Pick toppings

This is the fun bit – where you can choose your drip cake toppings.

Pro tip: less is more! It might sound fun to add everything, but drip cakes are already ‘busy’ cakes, the more you add, the more cluttered it looks

Here’s some ideas:

  • Chocolates
    • Add your favourite chocolate bar, box or brand. Or we can make you chocolate shards for the added wow-factor.
  • Doughnuts
    • Miniatures or full size – you can even match them to your colour scheme.
  • Fresh fruit
    • Add your favourite fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, for example.
  • Biscuits
    • Party rings, pink wafers, Oreos – add your favourite tea-time treat to your cake.
  • Treats
    • Popcorn, meringues and any other tasty treats.
  • Sweets
    • We have lots of sweets in our cupboard to choose from or even add a giant lollypop
  • Macarons
    • These can be painted gold for the ultimate lux look.
  • Flowers
    • Add fresh, silk or sugar flowers for a touch of glamour.
  • Feathers
    • Make it fun, make it fabulous
  • Themed items
    • Football team logos, Harry Potter items, my little pony, a toy car, the list is endless….
  • Gin / Vodka miniatures
    • (over 18’s only)
  1. Wording

We find adding height to our drip cakes gives them a real impact, we can do this with chocolate cigarillos or chocolate shards, or the best way is to add a custom topper. They add colour, they are personalised and can be a little keepsake for those important milestone celebrations. See our blog on wording for more ideas.

gold happy birthday personalised topper - Tamworth
Girly gold custom topper

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