James from Thomas the Tank Engine Novelty Cake

This sculpted novelty cake of James the train from Thomas the Tank Engine was huge! It was nearly the size of a dining table and there was enough cake to feed 100 party guests.

We built this cake on a custom-made cake board that was strong enough to hold the weight of this super-sized cake!

Whenever we create a sculpted cake we always pay attention to detail – this includes getting the shape and colours right, and adding the little extra touches such as the platform and train tracks.

We love creating novelty cakes and this one is definitely another of our favourites.

  • Novelty cake

    This was a giant novelty cake that we created for a large children’s birthday party

  • Train theme cake

    This sculpted cake also fits into our vehicle cake category.

  • Wow-factor cake

    This one was certainly a show-stopper at the party – plus we supplied the matching bunches of balloons too.