Cake boards, boxes, packaging & presentation

A fabulous-looking cake needs to be presented on a cake board, and in a cake box and packaging that reflects the love and attention that has gone into making it.

We sell a huge range of high-quality cake boards, boxes and risers. These are professional quality and add the finishing touch to transport your cake creations safely. We also sell cupcake cases, wraps, cupcake boxes and cake packaging. Plus, we have a small selection of cake dummies and separators.

Our cake decorating shop is based in Tamworth and is within travelling distance of Atherstone, Lichfield & Sutton Coldfield.

Cake boards and cake drums

We stock cake drums and cake boards available in round and square in most sizes and in gold and silver.

Please note: coloured boards are of very limited availability in 2021, and our suppliers will only be making silver boards for the short term. Please call us to check stock in advance if you need a specific board.

We have coloured cake boards available in 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inches in round and square 13mm / 1/2 inch thick drums:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Hot pink
  • Light pink
  • Rose gold (10″ & 12″ round only)

Cake boxes & extensions

Our professional-quality cake boxes are great for transporting celebration cakes. We also sell cake box extensions or risers that protect the whole cake – perfect for transporting taller cakes such as tiered cakes or wedding cakes.

NEW: we also stock PME Crystal Cake boxes – beautiful clear presentation boxes. Currently, we stock 10-inch and 12-inch clear cake boxes.

Cupcake boxes & packaging

Cupcakes make great gifts and can also be used as favours. There are lots of different options for presenting cupcakes and we have the right solutions for you.

Cupcake boxes

  • We have a great range of cupcake boxes – singles, doubles, 4’s, 12’s, 16’s and 25’s available.

Premium cupcake boxes

  • New in: black and silver cupcake presentation box – finish with a contrasting silver pull bow for the perfect gift.

Cupcake wraps

  • We have a selection of decorative lace-effect cupcake wraps for that extra-special touch

Cupcake cases

  • Premium-quality plain cupcakes cases in lots of different colours: red, green, white, black, purple, yellow, blue and pink
  • Metallic cupcake cases – gold, silver and rose gold

Cake dummies

Polystyrene cake dummies are great for:

  • practising cake decorating techniques
  • adding height to tiered cakes without having to actually use cake
  • display cakes – as the cake won’t go off inside!

We have a small selection of round dummies and separators at different heights for your cakes.

Cake packaging and display

Cake board & cake box sizes

We have the following cake boards and boxes in round and square in the following sizes:

  • 3-inch (thin cards only, no boxes)
  • 4-inch (thin cards only, no boxes)
  • 5-inch (hardboard only, no boxes)
  • 6-inch (no riser)
  • 7-inch (no riser)
  • 8-inch
  • 9-inch
  • 10-inch
  • 11-inch
  • 12-inch
  • 13-inch
  • 14-inch
  • 15-inch

Large cake boards and boxes

  • 16-inch
  • 18-inch
  • 20-inch
  • 22-inch (no boxes)

Rectangle cake boards and boxes

  • 13″ x 10″ inch rectangle (13″ inch box)
  • 16″ x 12″ inch rectangle
  • 18″ x 14″ inch rectangle

How to: choose the right board & box

We’ve put together a helpful guide on how to choose the right board and box for your cakes.

Christmas cake boards

We also stock a great range of Christmas cake boards and boxes.

Locations covered

People come to us from the following areas for cake board, boxes, packaging and presentation materials:

  • Tamworth
  • Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Atherstone
  • Lichfield
  • Solihull
  • Nuneaton
  • and even further afield