Sugar flowers & decorations

Need to finish off your cake? We have a great range of pre-made sugar icing edible decorations, including sugar flowers and leaves to add to your cakes.

We also have other sugar decorations and cake toppers including star sprays, heart sprays and a selection of figures and models.

Below is a sample of the ranges that we have in our cake decorating shop. Pop into the shop to see the full range of sugar flowers and cake decorations.

Sugar Flowers & Leaves

Our range of sugar cake decorations includes roses, peonies, daisies (gerberas) and lilies. We also have filler flower blossoms and a range of leaves to bulk our your sugar flower cake displays.

These are perfect for adding that special touch to wedding, anniversary, birthday and celebration cakes.

Sugar rose heads

Sizes: 2cm, 3.5cm, 4cm, 5cm 6.5cm & 9cm

Colours: Red, white, ivory, lemon, pink, deep pink, lilac, gold & rose gold  (medium only)

Sugar rose sprays

Sizes – extra small, small & medium

Colours: Red, white, ivory, lemon, pink, deep pink, lilac and gold

Sugar peony heads

Sizes – Medium (7.5cm) & Large (10cm)

Colours: white, ivory & pink  Styles: standard (A) & frilled edge (B)

Sugar peony sprays

Size – Small – 10cm, medium – 17cm

Colours: white, ivory and bright pink (medium only)


Size – 9cm wide

Colours: white, yellow, lilac, pale pink, pink, fuschia

  • Gerbera head flower icing cake decorations - Tamworth West Midlands


Mini orchid spray – 10cm

Colours: pink / lilac

Rubrum Lillies

Sizes: 9cm, 11cm, 13cm, & 14cm

Colours: white, pink & dark pink/burgundy

  • Rubrem lily flower icing cake decorations - Tamworth West Midlands

Cala Lillies

Sizes: 8.5cm, 7.5cm & 5cm Colour: white

  • Cala lily flower icing cake decorations - Tamworth West Midlands

Sugar filler flowers & leaves

Leaf styles: rose leaves, ivy leaves, lily leaves

Filler flowers: jasmine, lily of the valley, forget me not

Sugar cake decorations

These super fun pre-made sugar decorations are great for adding height to any celebration cake. Perfect for birthday, anniversary and baby theme cakes, we have lots of colours available.

  • Star sprays – gold, silver, white, pink, blue & rainbow (bright & pastel)
  • Heart sprays – gold, silver, white, pink & white and blue & white
  • Happy Birthday sprays – rainbow, white & black

Tip: the white sprays can be airbrushed or sprayed with edible paint to turn into other colours, for example, rose gold

Sugar figures & models

We have a limited range of other sugar cake decorations including animals, small figures, trees and baby items.

These are great to add a bit of fun to birthday and celebration cakes.

Notice regarding sugar flowers & decorations

*Although some of these cake decorations are made from sugar, please note that some of them contain wires etc, so we do encourage you to eat these items. 

**Some of the sugar decorations contain colours that may cause hyperactivity in children. 

If you have any queries about any of our products, please contact us.