Where it all started

Jane Asher Party Cakes BookSo it all started with Jane Asher’s Quick Party Cakes that our Mum had in the kitchen in the 1980’s. My sister and I both loved looking through that book and deciding what to pick for our next birthday cake.

Our mum made us nearly every cake in the book – the farm, the monster and the princess. Or she at least took inspiration from it.

One of my favourite cakes was the replication of our Dad’s Atari computer, I remember her cutting out all the keys and was blown away by the final cake!

My sister and I would help bake the cakes and we loved Christmas when we could help with the mince pies, and of course, we helped by licking the bowl!

Since then, I’ve been fascinated by cake (who isn’t?!). So when I found out I had a talent for making cakes and constructing them, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

I started by making the odd cake for me and my close family. Here’s a three tier cake for Mum’s birthday in 2010 – this had to be transported to Cornwall!

Mum birthday cake from 2010

And here’s an Angry Bird’s cake, my darling sister requested (for her 26th birthday!)…

As my confidence grew, I took it a step further and enrolled on a Sugarcraft course and from then I was hooked. I just love turning people’s requests into quality cakes.

With each cake we make, we learn something new and our skills improve, so the orders started to roll in.

Lisa, Isabel and I then spent many weekends experimenting with flavours and bringing people’s order to life, working our full-time jobs, but using our spare time to plan for a full-time cake future

And so, now we start a new chapter for our business….opening an actual shop! Eek!

Stay tuned for more Quality Cake Company shop adventures…