Corporate cakes and cupcakes

Quality Cake Company understand the benefits of both corporate cakes and balloons. We can recreate your logo in icing, either cut by hand or printed with edible ink.

You could have your logo as cupcake toppers, incorporated into a fun novelty design or onto a large sheet cake for sharing with lots of guests. Either way Quality Cake Company will make you something extra special to highlight your brand.

We also do balloons; we have a huge choice of colours to match your brand and can recreate your logo on a balloon.

Cakes and cupcakes can be utilised in many ways in a corporate environment, let’s explore the benefits of corporate cakes and balloons:

Client gifts

Got a new client? What a lovely way to say welcome with cupcakes. Your brand on the cupcakes is sure to make a great impression and is a great and cost-effective gift.

Mergers, acquisitions and take-overs

Has your company merged with another? Send cupcakes to your new employees as a welcome gift that can be easily shared.

Staff incentives

Has a staff member exceeded their targets? Secured a new contract? Have they made good progress?

Recognising a job well done gives your employees satisfaction and demonstrates that their role is appreciated and valued in the company. Happy employees make better employees. Corporate cakes are a cost effect reward which gives instant recognition to your valued employees.

employee birthday’s / retirement gifts

It is nice to celebrate with your employees on their special day. However, getting collections and being responsible for coming up with ideas and purchasing gifts can be difficult is and time consuming. Sign up to getting personalised employee cupcake gifts for birthdays – boxes of 4, 6 or 12 can be ordered in advance and customised with their name. For other staff celebrations we can create a special cake, for example a long-standing employees retirement party.

Product launches / rebrands

Launching a new product? Having a rebrand? Showcase your exciting product or new brand with a corporate cake. They make a great talking piece and a wonderful PR and photo opportunity. If you have a party or informal meeting, why not decorate with branded balloons? Balloon columns at the door, by the cake or on tables showcase your logo, they are cost effective and colourful.

Opened a new branch? We can create balloon displays to showcase the opening, create a party atmosphere to entice customers in.

Celebrate milestones

Is it your company birthday? Have you surpassed last year’s target? What a fantastic reason to celebrate with cake! Either a large cake or cupcakes make a great sweet treat that can be shared with staff and clients.

Exhibitions & Events

Attending a roadshow, exhibition or fayre? Corporate cakes and balloons are a great idea! We can deliver to places such as the NEC or ICC and other local venues.

Be memorable, be interesting, be different. Balloons are excellent for these sorts of events, they are fun, bright and if you do decide to add a message, slogan or logo it reinforces your brand in a fun and unique way.

Exhibitions are also a great opportunity to utilise cake! Giving away freebies as part of your marketing is proven to reap rewards later. If you sell something that cannot be given away as a freebie, then a cupcake is a great way to show your brand in a sweet and memorable way that is still cost effective to you.

It is a great way to boost your image, gain more social media followers and entice customers to stay a little longer allowing you to engage with them.

Give people something they want!

It has been proven that giving away something people don’t want has a negative backlash. No one likes pop ups on website, and no one wants a freebie that just adds to the landfill. Everyone loves cake, making it a safe option to use as a marketing freebie.

Cupcakes are a great cost-effective idea for any business – after all, no one needs another branded pen?

Whatever your needs, we hope we have been able to demonstrate the benefits of corporate cakes and balloons. Quality Cake Company can embrace your ideas and make you something magical, so get in touch today to discuss your next corporate event.