Novelty cakes are so popular and on-trend, but what would you have? Food and drink themed cakes are certainly a popular choice – having your favourite food replicated as cake, not only makes for a great talking point and showpiece, but it fools the mind, are you eating cake, or a pizza?

Fun Food Cakes

So what to choose? We have made all sorts, from a giant samosa, celebrating a new job. Or a tasty Wrights Pie – Dave’s favourite! Even a Pumpkin, celebrating Halloween. We’ve even been asked to do a giant bottle of Heinz Salad cream. Food and drink themed cakes are great, you can have your favourite food, or something celebrating an occasion or holiday.

Fast Food Cakes

Who doesn’t love a cheeky McDonalds Big Mac, McDonalds Chicken Nuggets, or a crispy spring roll. We have made cakes as a nod to an individuals favourite fast food treat. Is it sweet or savoury? We always aim to make them look as realistic as possible. We want to fool the onlooker and really make people look twice, is it real?

Giant Version food cakes

Of course, it doesn’t have to be something savoury, celebrating someone’s favourite sweet treat is a great idea for a birthday cake. Here we have a GIANT fondant fancy (notice the real one in the corner) We have also done box of maltesers. Food and drink themed cakes can be anything you want. If you love a certain thing – why not have it for your milestone birthday cake.

wine and prosecco themed cakes

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine or bubbly. Perfect for a special occasion, and we’ve made the cakes to match! As food and drink go hand in hand with special celebrations, often the perfect time to splurge and have something a little bit special, food and drink themed cakes are great way to extend this theme to your cake.

Beer themed cakes

Stella, John Smiths, Pedigree, Carling or Budweiser? What is your favourite pint? Drink themed cakes are a fun way to play with gravity – or at least an opportunity to make a super illusion.

Spirit Themed cakes

If you don’t have a favourite beer, we bet you have a favourite spirit. What do you order at the bar? We have made a number of different vodka, whiskey, gin and other themed cakes. We like to shade them well and be sure to make them look as proportionally accurate as possible.

Click to see more food and drink themed cakes in our gallery

Food and drink themed balloons

We also have a huge selection of balloons including food and drink themed ones. Have a look at our balloon galleries for more inspiration

doughnut balloon
Pizza balloon
Champagne bottle large helium balloon - tamworth, sutton coldfield
Champagne bottle
hot dog balloon
beer tankard balloon