How to cut christmas cake - tamworth west midlands

So, you’ve picked up your Christmas cake from us…now you want to cut into it and enjoy it piece by piece.

Cutting it is not as simple as it looks, the biggest issue is fruit cake is tightly packed with delicious candied fruits. While it tastes delicious it crumbles easily if you don’t cut it right. So we’ve put together some tips for the perfect slice every time.

What you’ll need

  • a serrated knife
  • a flat cutting board
  • a damp cloth

Cutting your Christmas cake

The aim is to slice not cut. You need a gentle sawing motion to slice through the fruit. If you try to push a knife through the cake it will squash the fruit and you’ll get a squashed piece of cake.

hint: A thin serrated bread knife and not a blunt flat edge knife is better for cutting fruit cakes. 

When you’ve made a complete slice, wipe the knife clean with a damp cloth before making the next slice.

hint: A clean knife for every slice will stop the cake sticking and dragging.

Once cut, slide the knife underneath and lift the cake up.


  • Break off any decorations holding the cake to the board before slicing
  • Use a sawing action with the serrated blade
  • Avoid pushing the knife down
  • Cut all the way to the baseboard
  • Wipe the knife between cuts

Now put those Christmas songs on, sit down with a cuppa tea and enjoy 🙂

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