Male cakes for inspiration - tamworth

So what sort of cake can you do for those imporant men? Male birthday cakes are often harder to think of so we have given you some food for thought.

Here are our top categories for male birthday cakes:

Food & drink

Who doesn’t love a tipple on their birthday? Or something delicious to eat?


It seems a stereotype but you boys do like your vehicles. From cars to bikes, we will make you something to honor their favourite vehicle.


Who do you support? Another very popular category for male birthday cakes is one that pays homage to their favourite football team.


Whatever your hobby we can recreate it in a cake. Here are some examples of favourite male pastimes.

Chocolate Drip

Boy do you guys love chocolate. We can’t blame you our chocolate cakes are delicious. Chocolate drip cakes are very popular for male birthday cakes. Adding a personalised topper makes it extra special and you can include their favourite chocolate treats.

Star Burst

Star bursts are a great male birthday cakes choice. It is a simple and effective option if you’re not sure what to get, as it has a super party vibe so suits any celebration.

Film, TV and Games

Everyone has a favourite film or TV show, me can make a cake to celebrate this. Or is getting engrossed in a video game is another favourite thing to do?


Not sure what to get? We can make something contemporary and sophisticated or a nod to the comics of their childhood.

Have we inspired you? Have you got a birthday coming up? Contact us to get your super male birthday cake booked in!