Wedding Cake Trends: 2019

Here at Quality Cake Company, we shy away from ‘ordinary’ and enjoy working with couples across the West Midlands to create their perfect wedding cake. We often get asked what the latest trends are in wedding cakes, so in this blog, we uncover some of our favourite wedding cake trends for 2019.

Bold uses of colour

In 2019, wedding cakes will become more colourful with the use of bold, bright colours such as blues, corals and greens. Ombre colours can be used to soften the use of bold colours, but still make a statement. 

5 Tier Teal, White & Gold wedding cake

We are also seeing a trend for greys and silvers, especially for those weddings in the winter months. Block uses of grey give a modern look to simple designs.  

Drip cakes

Drip cakes are a key trend for 2019, with the use of bold colours and contrasting drip effect; finished with matching flowers, macarons or your favourite sweets.

Two tier blue and white drip wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Groom’s Cakes

Groom’s cakes are set to be hot next year. These are a step away from traditional elegant wedding cakes to an alternative cake with rich, creative flavours like tasty mocha chocolate or sumptuous toffee. These cakes are often themed with the groom’s favourite hobby or interests in mind.  

Four Tier white peach purple (marvel reveal) wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Circle or hoop cakes

Cakes featuring circles or hoops are also a big trend for 2019. The use of a hoop brings the eye to a central focal point, adding a real wow-factor to the cake. It also reflects the symbol of the wedding ring – never-ending love. Combined with the use of bright colours and a subtle ombre effect, these will be a hot trend for wedding cakes for years to come.

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Party trend: Under the Sea & Mermaids

Under the sea and Mermaids are the latest popular party theme – find out more

On trend: rose gold balloons, cake decorations & partyware

Rose gold has always been a popular colour, but recently this colour has exploded everywhere around us. From watches to home accessories, using rose gold adds a touch of warmth.

What’s not to love about this gorgeous metallic colour. It’s classic and timeless. The soft pink adds a touch of luxury and class to everyday items.

Rose gold is warmer than silver and softer than gold and it is certainly feminine.

We have a great new range of rose gold balloons in store – including large foil helium balloon numbers, perfect for any age.

Plus, we have rose gold hearts, stars and circle balloons which can be personalised with any name or message.

We also have a range of edible metallic paints which can be used for cake decorating and adding that finishing touch to your cakes.

Having a party? We have napkins, paper plates and cups and lovely metallic rose gold tablecloths.

What better way to finish off a cake…a beautiful, diamante encrusted rose gold cake topper pick. We have 18’s and 21’s in store. Plus, you’ll also find a beautiful Mr & Mrs wedding cake topper in store.

Making cupcakes? we have these lovely rose gold cupcake / muffin cases available. Perfect for adding a touch of glamour to those tasty cupcakes.

Rose gold metallic cupcake cases Tamworth Sutton Coldfield

Why not pop in store to see what you can find – seriously we love rose gold!

Updated: 25th July 2018


Inspiration: Unicorn Cakes

Magical, mythical, beautiful – unicorns and unicorn cakes are certainly a trend taking Britain by storm.

Unicorns are majestic creatures known for bringing a touch of magic and sparkle. Those growing up in the 80’s will remember She-Ra had a unicorn; they featured in Dungeons & Dragons and more recently in Despicable Me when Agnes wins a fluffy unicorn at the fair.

We are asked frequently at the moment to recreate the magic of these creatures in a cake – we love creating them as they are cute and of course, contain rainbows!

We can create a one-tier cake to feed about 20-30 people, or if you’re having a big party, why not go for a two-tier cake with added rainbow sprinkles.

For an added touch of colour, why not ask us for a rainbow sponge cake inside – it has such a wow-factor!

Star Wars rainbow reveal wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Or why not go for a model unicorn, sitting pretty atop a simple but tasty chocolate cake.

If we’ve inspired you with our ideas, why not get in touch and book your rainbow unicorn cake for your next celebration.


Inspiration: Animal Cakes

We love sculpting cakes and creating animal celebration cakes gives us the perfect opportunity to go a bit mad and bring creatures of all shapes and sizes to life.

Here’s a few of our favourite animal-inspired cake designs – from a shaggy dog, to cute ladybirds.

1 – Westie Dog cake

We love the almost lifelike hair on this cute dog and his pink tongue poking out adds character.

Westie dog birthday cake

2 – Panda Bears cake

There’s something very Kung-Fu Panda about this cake. The black and white bears stand out well with the green bamboo setting.

Panda bamboo birthday cake

3 – Dinosaur scultped cake

This would make the perfect centrepiece for any children’s (or adult) party! The bright pink dino with blue spikes is simple, yet effective – plus we love a sculpted, novelty cake!

Red Blue Spikes dinosaur birthday cake

4 – Peter Rabbit cake topper

We just love Peter sitting amongst the carrots in the field in this cake that we designed.  See this cake in more detail.

Peter Rabbit Cake

Peter Rabbit Cake

5 – Ladybird cake

Here’s a simple and effective ladybird cake who looks like she’s about to fly off the table. Again, we love the sculpted cake and how bright her colours are.

Ladybird birthday cake

If we’ve inspired you for your celebration, or you’ve got something else in mind, why not get in touch with us today.

Inspiration: Female Birthday Cakes

We’re often asked for ideas for women’s or female birthday cake designs, so we thought we’d put together some of our favourite designs.

From classic square cakes to sculpted designs that are the centre of the party, here are our top five female birthday cake designs.

1 – Shoe box birthday cake

Who doesn’t love shoes? We created this pink, black and white shoe box cake for a designer shoe fan.

Jimmy Choo shoebox pink birthday cake

2 – M&Ms surprise cake

We created this filled ‘surprise’ cake for an M&M lover – they were delighted when the cake was sliced to see it full of their favourite sweets.  Check out more of our novelty cakes.

M & M Surprise Cake

M&M Surprise Cake

3 – Chocaholic Heaven birthday cake

Now anyone who loves chocolate will enjoy this cake! Two layers of chocolate cake complete with Maltesers and chocolates to decorate this is one to be enjoyed slowly.

Two tier Maltesers chocolate cake

4 – Monochrome Classic birthday cake

This two tone black and white present-style cake is perfect for simple and stylish birthday celebrations. We love the contrast this cake provides and it tastes great too!

Two tier monochrome birthday present cake

5 – White Chocolate two-tier Birthday Cake

This two tier white chocolate birthday cake is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.  Finished with gold and white stars for extra impact.

Two tier white chocolate star birthday cake

If we’ve inspired you for your birthday celebration, or you’ve got something else in mind, why not get in touch with us today.