Wedding Trends for 2020

2020 is fast approaching and it seems to be a super popular year for weddings, the number 2020 is a nice round number after all and a new decade pairs well with the exciting new chapter in couple’s lives.

So what is hot right now for weddings?


Balloons are becoming more popular for wedding decorations. Organic bunches and arches, which can include different sizes and shapes, as well as mixed materials – all combine to create impact at any venue.

Large bubble balloons are also popular, these can be personalised which makes them a great photo accessory and can be customised to suit any colour theme. These are so versatile and add a modern touch to your special day.

Less formal

Rustic charm seems to be playing a big factor in weddings for 2019 – with more relaxed flowers, floaty dresses and rustic woodland décor. However, next year in 2020, vibrant tropical colours will be favourable. Still, with a relaxed charm, brighter foliage with big botanical leaves and hot pink flowers are making their way onto table decorations, bouquets and integrated into the wedding cake decoration too.

Vegan Cakes

Vegetarian and Veganism are on the rise, with a lot more people are adopting this lifestyle. Quality Cake Company has cakes to suit. We make a tasty vegan chocolate cake, almost brownie-like in texture. We substitute dairy for soya milk and vegetable ‘butter’ and we can confirm it is delicious and will definitely be a hit with the whole wedding party.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes continue to evolve. The traditional white cake is less and less likely to feature at today’s wedding. Couples are tending to favour more dramatic colour palettes for their wedding look and feel and they want a cake to match.

four tier modern rockabilly theme wedding cake - bright blue, red roses - tamworth, west midlands

Ombre cakes are a great way to introduce colour without overpowering the whole cake. Adding fresh flowers to match your bouquet help ties the theme together and with the addition of different textures such as ruffles and frills, this helps to create a real photo-worthy centrepiece.

Creating that wow-factor cake has become more affordable and is high on the list of wedding trends.

We work with couples to create their dream wedding cake – browse our Wedding Cake Gallery for more inspiration.

Wedding Cake Trends: 2019

Here at Quality Cake Company, we shy away from ‘ordinary’ and enjoy working with couples across the West Midlands to create their perfect wedding cake. We often get asked what the latest trends are in wedding cakes, so in this blog, we uncover some of our favourite wedding cake trends for 2019.

Bold uses of colour

In 2019, wedding cakes will become more colourful with the use of bold, bright colours such as blues, corals and greens. Ombre colours can be used to soften the use of bold colours, but still make a statement. 

5 Tier Teal, White & Gold wedding cake

We are also seeing a trend for greys and silvers, especially for those weddings in the winter months. Block uses of grey give a modern look to simple designs.  

Drip cakes

Drip cakes are a key trend for 2019, with the use of bold colours and contrasting drip effect; finished with matching flowers, macarons or your favourite sweets.

Two tier blue and white drip wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Groom’s Cakes

Groom’s cakes are set to be hot next year. These are a step away from traditional elegant wedding cakes to an alternative cake with rich, creative flavours like tasty mocha chocolate or sumptuous toffee. These cakes are often themed with the groom’s favourite hobby or interests in mind.  

Four Tier white peach purple (marvel reveal) wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Circle or hoop cakes

Cakes featuring circles or hoops are also a big trend for 2019. The use of a hoop brings the eye to a central focal point, adding a real wow-factor to the cake. It also reflects the symbol of the wedding ring – never-ending love. Combined with the use of bright colours and a subtle ombre effect, these will be a hot trend for wedding cakes for years to come.

Check out our Wedding Cake Gallery for more inspiration.

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What happens on a Wedding Cake consultation?

You may have noticed that we host regular wedding cake tastings and consultations. What happens at a consultation? Why do you need one? We try and help answer some of these questions here. 

Why do I need a wedding cake consultation? 

For most people, the wedding cake is the centrepiece of their wedding reception. Everyone loves the joy of cutting into the cake (it’s extra fun if you have a rainbow cake inside!) 

Star Wars rainbow reveal wedding cake - Quality Cake Company Tamworth

Check out our blog on the tradition of wedding cakes 

It’s important to taste and check that the cake you buy has the flavours and texture that you and your guests will enjoy. Plus, you get the chance to try new flavours that you might not have thought of.

What happens on a cake consultation? 

You arrive at our bakery and we will show you to our consultation room where we have some samples of our cakes on display and an inspiration wall. 

First, we talk through some basic details to get to understand you and your wedding, including: 

  • The date 
  • The venue 
  • The number of guests 
  • Your theme and colours 

We then discuss what you would like your cake or cupcakes to look like. If you have any inspiration from Pinterest or our wedding cake gallery, bring those with you. Remember we don’t like to copy cakes as we give them our own unique touch and character.  

We spend some time with you designing the cake including the size, number and shape of the tiers. Plus, the colours and the details of the cake including quilting, flowers, superheroes and more! 

The tasting (the best bit!)

Then comes the fun part, we bring you a selection of our favourite and most popular flavours to taste! If there’s a particular flavour you want to try, let us know in advance and we can prepare a sample for you.


There’s no pressure from us to book your cake there and then, but we do have limited availability, so to secure your date, all we ask is for a £100 deposit (or the full amount) and then the balance will be due a month before your wedding. 

And that’s it – simple! 

If you’re getting married soon and want to book on our latest session, check out our page on Eventbrite for more details. 

If you want to book a private consultation, we charge £15, but this is taken off the cost of your cake when you book – contact us today to arrange.