Cake texture and effects

Exploring the different kinds of icing textures available to make photo worthy cakes
Corporate cakes and cupcakes

Benefits of corporate cakes and balloons

We explore the benefits of corporate cakes, cupcakes and branded balloons
What type of flowers should I choose for my cake - tamworth west midlands
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Sugar, fresh or silk flowers on my wedding cake?

Examples of the different types of wedding cake flowers and finding the best option for you
Cheap balloons vs quality balloons - tamworth west midlands

Cheap Balloons vs Quality Balloons

We explain why buying 'cheap' balloons online can often work out more expensive then you had planned.
Choosing the right cake board and box

Cake boards and cake boxes

Find out how to select the right board for your cake and finish it in a professional cake box.
Design your perfect celebration cake

Choosing the perfect cake

We offer some advice to help you design and choose the perfect cake
Wedding cake consultation

What happens on a Wedding Cake consultation?

Find out what happens on one of our wedding cake consultations.
How to cut christmas cake - tamworth west midlands

How to cut your Christmas fruit cake

Discover the perfect way to cut Christmas fruitcake.
Wedding cake history

History of the wedding cake

Where does the tradition of having a cake come from - we explore.