Custom cake toppers

PLEASE NOTE: we are not currently offering our custom cake topper service. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We can still make similar models, however, it needs to be part of a bespoke cake order from Quality Cake Company.

We are still offering personalised card toppers and printed icing sheets.

We do have a small selection of pre-made cake decorations and sugar flowers, available to buy in-store.

Please note: we cannot post our custom toppers out to you, they are too fragile, sorry

Animal cake toppers

We can make fondant animal cake toppers in varying sizes and designs. Want to make your pet dog or cat, we can do that for you.

Fondant sugar small animal custom cake cupcake topper
Small animal sitting  – approx 5cm

Great for cupcake toppers

Fondant sugar dog sitting custom cake topper
Medium animal sitting  – approx 10cm

Ideal for pets and small animals

Fondant sugar detailed fox cake decoration
Large animal sitting  – approx 15cm

Great for the main feature of the cake

Fondant sugar mini fox and deer cake decorations
Small animal standing  – approx 5-8cm

For when you want to create a zoo or farm with lots of small animals

Fondant sugar stork cake decoration
Large animal standing  – approx 15cm

For when you want to feature one animal on the cake

Branded cake toppers

From Peppa Pig to Beauty and the Beast – we can make TV, cartoon or film character models out of fondant for your cakes.

Fondant sugar branded figure small custom cake decoration
Small branded figure sitting  – approx 5-8cm

Ideal for when you need multiple characters on a cake

Fondant sugar branded figure Medium Peppa pig family custom cake decorations
Medium branded figure sitting  – approx 8-10 cm

Great for small cartoon and TV characters

Fondant sugar branded figure Princess Peppa Pig custom cake topper
Large branded figure sitting  – approx 15cm

Ideal for when one larger character features on the cake

Fondant sugar hello kitty custom cake topper
Small branded figure standing  – approx 5-8cm

Great for smaller characters and when more than one needed

Fondant sugar branded figure standing Iggle Piggle custom cake decoration
Medium branded figure standing  – approx 8-10 cm

Great for small cartoon and TV characters stood up

Fondant sugar branded figure standing George Pig custom cake decoration
Large branded figure standing  – approx 15 cm

Great for larger characters as the focus of the cake

Vehicle or car custom toppers

We can replicate a car or vehicle out of fondant to put on top of your cakes. From F1 cars to classic cars or even tractors we can create a bespoke topper for you.

Fondant sugar tiny F1 car custom cake topper
Small vehicle / car  – approx 12 cm

A small cartoon-style replication of a car or vehicle for a race track

Fondant sugar vehicle classic car custom cake topper
Large car  – approx 20 cm

A replica of a ‘standard’ shape car i.e. classic cars or  modern cars

Fondant sugar vehicle F1 car custom cake topper
Large specialist car / vehicle  – approx 20 cm

Replicas of more detailed cars or vehicles i.e Formula 1 cars

Fondant sugar vehicle train custom cake topper
Extra-large car / vehicle  – approx 25 cm

Fondant models made with crispy treats on a larger scale for bigger cakes

Fondant sugar vehicle tractor custom cake topper
Extra-large car / vehicle  – approx 25 cm

Larger scale vehicle models for bigger cakes

Human / People cake toppers

We can make cartoon-style human cake toppers either lying down, sitting up or standing.

Fondant sugar human lying sunbathing custom cake decoration
Person lying down  – approx 12 cm

Figures that are lying down on a beach or scoring a try, for example.

Fondant sugar human sitting toddler small custom cake decoration
Person sitting small  – approx 12 cm

Small children, babies and toddlers

Fondant sugar human sitting fishing - custom sugar cake decoration
Person sitting standard  – approx 12 cm

Sitting on a bench or chair – fishing, in the garden or in a chair at home

Fondant sugar human standing custom cake topper
Person standing  – approx 12 cm

A human or person standing up or doing an activity

Objects and things

We can make (almost) any object, item or thing from fondant. Phones, books, Harry Potter items – anything goes.

Fondant small sugar items custom cake toppers
Objects extra-small  – approx 2 cm

Books, small items etc for cakes and cupcakes

Fondant sugar make up small items custom cake decorations
Objects small  – approx 5-8 cm

Make-up bits, sport equipment, instruments and other small items

Fondant sugar baby shoes cake decorations
Medium objects  – approx 8-10 cm

Baby booties, small shoes and other items

Fondant sugar llama Fortnite custom cake topper
Large objects  – approx 12-15 cm

Unicorn figures, Fortnite items and other larger items

Fondant sugar large item bracelet and charms custom cake topper
Extra-large objects  – approx 15+ cm

Bigger versions of objects for large cakes i.e. charm bracelets and novelty items

Edible printing services

We offer edible printing on sugar sheets and other services.

Personalised cake toppers

We can design and make personalised card cake toppers.

Locations covered

People come to us from the following areas for their cake toppers and decorations:

  • Tamworth
  • Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Atherstone
  • Lichfield
  • Solihull
  • Nuneaton
  • and even further afield