Floral cakes are one of our most requested cakes. Flowers are pretty, elegant, colourful and go with everything. If you want a cheerful, attractive cake and don’t have a specific theme in mind, a floral cake is a great option.

We offer three types of flowers on our cakes, sugar, fresh or silk. For more information about the types of flowers and their pros and cons, see our blog Sugar flowers, fresh flowers or silk flowers

Floral Cakes

Floral cakes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple, or ornate when added with other textures such as quilting.

Floral Cascade

For a really beautiful visual impact, how about a cascade of flowers encasing the whole cake? These can be done in a variety of colours, but whichever you choose it is bound to be stunning.

Contemporary Floral Cakes

Floral cakes are very traditional but by changing the placement of the flowers, using different colour pallets they can be easily brought into the 21st century with a more contemporary look and feel.

Adding soft pastel colours, polka dots or a gentle ombre effect gives these floral cakes a modern look.

At the other end of the spectrum, our bold bright blue cherry blossom cake is vibrant and fun. Placing the flowers on the side of the cake keeps it interesting and current. Or remove the fondant altogether and opt for the ultra modern semi-naked cake with flowers.

Traditional Square Floral

Almost all the cakes we make are round, however square seems to be a popular choice for floral cakes. If you want a square floral cake it is a great choice, but if you’re concerned about cutting a cake see our guide on how to cut a round cake.


Pretty pretty!! Flowers on cupcakes look dainty, any kind of flower in lots of different colours.

Floral Centrepieces

Something different! How pretty are these flower pots? These rose swirled cupcake flower pots were created for centrepieces or a sweetie table at a wedding. We can make these in any colour, they are a great talking piece and of course they are edible too!

Floral Wedding Cakes

By far the most popular cake with a floral theme is our wedding cakes. Flowers lend themselves so beautifully to a tiered cake. It adds a touch of elegance on the side or on the top, and they can be as simple or as bold as you like. They are wonderful when coordinated with your wedding flowers, creating and instant theme for your wedding.

Flower Pot

Finally, how’s this for inspiration, an actual flower pot. It is bright, colourful and something completely different.

Bright and colourful flower pot novelty cake - tamworth